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1 - Landforms as Preferred Settlement Loci: Location of Harappan sites on Bari Doab

In cooperation with New York University, GRA assisted with the first major investigation of Indus Valley settlement outside the urban center of Harappa, the northern hub of the Indus Valley civilization in the Punjab Province, Pakistan.

Dr. Schuldenrein and GRA staff, in concert with NYU Professor Dr. Rita P. Wright,  conducted geoarcheological investigations of the Beas River drainage system, identifying landscape elements and climatic cycles preceding and contemporaneous with human settlement in the Valley. Testing within and around previously undocumented mounds provided information regarding landscape development, site formation, and an articulation of human-landscape interactions during critical phases in the emergence, florescence, and decline of the Indus civilization. Supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities and National Geographic, this multi-year project demonstrates the GRA commitment to problem-oriented archeological research and to the management of cultural resources worldwide.